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Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

The play is staged so skilfully here by the Bath-based Next Stage company
— Frank Ruhrmund, The Cornishman

Ironically Amadeus is not so much a play about the brilliant composer Mozart as it is about the contemporary, but mediocre court composer, Antonio Salieri. The unsubstantiated rumour that Salieri poisoned Mozart is the thrust of the play. Opening on the last night of Salieri’s life and using vivid flashbacks and Mozart’s glorious music Shaffer leads his audience to an understanding of Salieri’s deep-rooted jealousy and envy of the child Prodigy.

Amadeus will be a feast for the ears and eyes. With a plot line that demands both intimate and sumptuous staging, dazzling costumes and Mozart’s exquisite music this production was described as “sensational”, "breathtaking”, with “actors of an exceptional calibre” and “one of the best shows we are likely to see in Bath this year” when performed by Next Stage in 2006. Once again John Matthews plays Salieri, with new cast members Tom Ash-Miles as Mozart and Liz Wilson as Constanze. They are joined on stage by an outstanding supporting cast of leading Next Stage actors.


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Amadeus by Peter Shaffer
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