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Elsie & Norm's 'Macbeth' by John Christopher-Wood

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Fed up with playing Trivial Pursuit and watching re-runs of Dynasty and Murder She Wrote, Yorkshire couple Elsie and Norm decide to go for a bit of culture and stage some Shakespeare in their living room. Of course, it needs a bit of re-writing to liven it up, and it’s a bit of a push with just the two of them playing all those characters – but it’s all worth it for one of the greatest pieces of literature what has ever been wrote in the English language.

Following the immense success of his last Supper Theatre production (Two by Jim Cartwright in May 2006), director Paul Dyson, a founder member of Next Stage, returns to broad comedy in this wickedly irreverent contemporary send up of Shakespeare's great play.

Those who saw Two will remember how a seasoned cast of only two actors took on no less than fourteen roles – well, Elsie and Norm are the entire cast in their own living room production of one of the greatest plays in English literature.

Norm (and therefore Macbeth, Malcolm and a whole bunch of other characters) is played by Steve Leanaghan already well known to audiences for The Champion of Paribanou and Marat/Sade. Playing Elsie (and King Duncan, Murderer, the one Witch and various Messengers) is Jane Lawson who audiences will recall from Stanley and The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

An evening of irreverent humour, presented by one of the region's pre-eminent theatre companies, with a now famous Next Stage two course supper. What more could you want ?


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