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The Dracula Spectacula by John Gardiner and Andrew Parr

The whole performance was carried off with verve and enthusiasm
— Jackie Chappell, Bath Chronicle

Come to this show if you dare
Count Dracula awaits you there
Along with Countess Wraith, his mother
and fearful Genghis, a blood brother

In song and dance with many a fright
Nadia Naïve will delight each night
As she, her class, and many more
Fight Dracula, ghouls and fiends galore!

Over 50 talented Next Stage Youthers bring you their first foray into musical theatre. Accompanied by Carl Speck, the cast rollick through this tongue-in-cheek musical which pokes fun at the Dracula legend.

Audiences, transported from cosy classrooms to dark dungeons in the space of a song, will be thrilled by Nadia’s battle with the evil Count, whilst delighting in the strange and colourful characters she meets along the way.

This fantastic spooky musical is a must-see and a treat for all the family, providing frolicsome fun at the start of the festive season.

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