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The Things Good Men Do by Dan Muirden

Commencing Next Stage’s themed Autumn trilogy of modern drama, The Things Good Men Do is a thought-provoking play exploring the doubts and dilemmas which can afflict both men and women in their late 20s. Frequently accused either of non-committal or of rushing into marriage, the 20-something generation may want to have their cake and eat it, but how? For many single women, the ticking of their biological clock becomes deafening as they approach 30, whilst for men of a similar age the freedom to “play the field”, build a career and avoid commitment can still be seductive. 

At the start of The Things Good Men Do, Nick has met Lucy and can suddenly see the attraction of commitment and kids. But just as Nick is set to take the plunge, a dark little fling he’d rather forget comes back to threaten his idyll. For the first time he understands that a picture-perfect life might not be a given and in his struggle to achieve it he risks losing everything.

Set in present-day professional London, Dan Muirden’s debut dark comedy is a fine springboard for Next Stage’s Autumn trilogy looking at modern-day relationships. 

Contains strong language.

"Dan Muirden writes strong and believable dialogue" The British Theatre Guide

"Dan Muirden’s first full-length play is a sure piece of writing that demonstrates admirably his abilities as a creator of characters and his mastery of dialogue." The Stage


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