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Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, adapted by Dominic Cooke

This play is instantly accessible and relevant for a youth company
— Petra Schofield, Guide2Bath

In a society divided by tribal bigotry, Crosses are the superior majority and Noughts are the underclass. As Nought separatists fight for equality and inclusion, two children from opposite sides embark on a bittersweet love story. 

Sephy Hadley (a Cross) is the daughter of the Deputy Prime Minister; Callum is the son of a Nought agitator. Brought together as children when Callum’s mother worked for Sephy’s family, they remain friends and are reunited when Callum struggles to be accepted as one of the first Nought pupils in Sephy’s secondary school. In the face of prejudice and hatred the two teenagers are determined to change the attitudes of those around them. However as Callum and Sephy grow closer and their friendship turns to love they are faced with impossible choices: do they remain loyal to their families, or to each other?

Noughts and Crosses is one of the most important stories for young people to have been written in the last 20 years. With its universal themes of intolerance, persecution, loss of innocence and family conflicts, this modern take on the Romeo and Juliet story brings timeless issues into the limelight for a new generation. 

Malorie Blackman’s novel exploded onto the young adult fiction market in 2001, and her Noughts and Crosses trilogy was a best seller. This brilliant adaptation covers the first book in the series and is brought to Bath by two casts from the talented members of Next Stage Youth. 

Experience first hand the power of young people in this unmissable drama. 

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