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Hay Fever by Noel Coward

highly entertaining play delivered with style and conviction by a highly capable company.
— Petra Schofield, Theatre Bath

“It’s perfectly beastly! Whenever I make any sort of plan about anything, it’s always done in by someone. I wish I were able to do whatever I liked, without being cluttered up and frustrated by the family.” (Sorel, Act 1)

In the theatricality of the Bliss household, life is never simple. Matriarch and retired actress, Judith Bliss, creates a constant dramatic whirl into which family and friends are inevitably drawn. Without a crisis every few hours Judith would be bored, and her long-suffering husband and children feel duty-bound to humour her and play along. However, every now and again the Bliss partners and siblings find the tedium of domesticity, even bohemian domesticity, too much to bear. The answer: a weekend house party!

Hay Fever is a delicious play of manners infused with Noël Coward’s sparkling wit and repartee. Beautifully costumed and presented in-the-round this production, under the direction of Artistic Director Ann Garner, is brought to The Mission by a stellar cast of Next Stage actors lead by Joanna Bowman and George Gent as Judith and David Bliss.

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