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Teechers by John Godber

“I never thought I’d be doing this, I hated drama, only took it for a doss about” (Hobby Act 1)

In a deprived, inner-city comprehensive a group of Year 11 no-hopers are preparing to leave school and face life in the world of work. Regarded as academic failures, and written off by their teachers as trouble makers and time-wasters, Hobby, Gail and Salty are drifting through their last months at Whitewall Comprehensive.

Then a new Drama teacher, Mr. Nixon, arrives at the school. Given some of the most difficult classes and with no drama facilities Mr Nixon struggles to control his disaffected pupils. His infectious enthusiasm and respect for the kids in his charge prove irresistible and when Nixon suggests that the school leavers stage an end-of-year production Hobby, Gail and Salty leap at the chance. Their efforts give them self-respect and a realisation that they are not necessarily condemned to be failures. But will their new-found confidence last once they have left Whitewall behind them?

“Out there there’s nothing, it’s just a load of lies. A load of promises that never happen.” (Salty Act 2)

A double cast from the talented and acclaimed Next Stage Youth Theatre Company breathe vibrant life into this hilarious take on education and expectation, written by outstanding playwright: John Godber. Don’t miss it!