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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Glynn Robbins. Adapted from the book by C.S. Lewis

This is an ambitious project with a huge cast with fabulous costumes for all, plus inventive scenery, sound effects and lighting, but even if it’s a familiar story it still works. Ben Armstrong, Milly Palastre, James Langley and Jenny McGlynn carry the parts of the children well but all the cast are excellent, many taking more than one part. Bath Chronicle, July 2015

This delightful version of C.S.Lewis’s well-loved tale takes the audience on a magical journey to the land of Narnia, with four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Entering Narnia through the back of an old wardrobe, they discover that this strange new world lies under the spell of the White Witch. Peopled with incredible individuals – fauns, giants, talking animals and other, far more sinister, creatures – Narnia is a land cursed, where it must remain forever winter and never Christmas.

To free Narnia and its inhabitants from the forces of evil, the children must fulfil an ancient prophecy. However, the White Witch is determined they will not succeed and plots their destruction. All would be lost if it weren’t for help in the shape of the mighty lion Aslan, and magic from Before the Dawn of Time. With Aslan at their side the children embark on a thrilling adventure to overthrow evil, fulfil their destinies and help good to triumph in Narnia. 

Combining the considerable talents of Next Stage’s adult & youth companies, this rich and imaginative retelling of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will prove an unforgettable experience for all the family. Join Aslan and the children on their magical journey from a lamp post in the snow to the splendours of the castle at Cair Paravel. Fast-paced action, beautiful costumes, fantasy, fights, fauns and an original musical score, who could ask for more?

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