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In Praise of Love by Terrence Rattigan

Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th December at 7.30pm with a Matinee at 2pm on Saturday 10th

“I believe that the best plays are about people, and not about things” 

So wrote Terence Rattigan and In Praise of Love, his almost unbearably moving story of veiled emotions running deep, demonstrates perfectly the truth of his remark. 

Lydia and Sebastian Cruttwell, a married couple living in North London in the 1970’s, have an affectionate, if somewhat abrasive, relationship. Their son Joey, an aspiring young playwright, is on the opposite side of the political spectrum to his over-bearing father. Add to this family trio Lydia’s closest friend, the American writer Mark Walters, and the stage is set for a real-life chess game as the loves and loathings of the four protagonists play out in a series of tactical power-struggles and outwitting manoeuvres. But the King and Queen of the game are locked in a deeper and more important battle than anyone realises. Whilst, on the surface, the play takes the form of a comedy of misunderstanding, it quickly builds into a situation of almost unbearable suspense as layer after layer of comedy and pretence is peeled away.

“Few dramatists of the 20th century have written with more understanding of the human heart than Terence Rattigan” Michael Billington

This amateur production of In Praise of Love was presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD

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