The Workshop Theatre is in the heart of the Mid-Town Theatre District, New York. It resides in 312 West 36th Street, close to 42nd Street and Broadway. The Workshop has two theatres: a modular 33 seat 'Jewel Box' and a 65 seat 'Main Stage Theatre'.

Next Stage Theatre Company performed in the Main Stage Theatre at the Midtown Festival in August 2008, with scenes from Intimate Exchanges by Alan Ayckbourn. Having previously produced this challenging play in 2001, Next Stage took it in their stride once more and wowed New York audiences. The complex play has eight major stories all originating from a single opening scene. As the play progresses the characters make choices, each of which causes the story to go in one of two directions, leading to one of 16 possible endings. Under the meticulous Direction of Ann Ellison, Next Stage actors Andrew Ellison and Kay Francksen played all of the characters in the production.

The cast of Intimate Exchanges: Andrew Ellison and Kay Francksen