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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie.JPG

An intense and yet lucid performance of Tennessee Williams' timeless masterpiece, this production is full of striking imagery.

Set in St Louis in the heartland of America, the play deals with the most common human emotion of all - the pain of unrequited love. With her crippled daughter, Laura, too shy and introverted to venture out of their cramped apartment, Amanda Wingfield determines to take matters into her own hands. She pressures her son, Tom, into bringing home a suitable gentleman caller for his sister. Initially reluctant, Tom eventually agrees and invites an old college acquaintance for dinner. Unknown to Tom and his mother, however, Laura knows the gentleman caller already...

Williams' first and probably his most autobiographical play is a vivid insight into the American psyche and the paranoia of a mother desperate not to see her daughter "left on the shelf".


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