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Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones

HumbleBoy poster BMH.jpg

Felix Humble’s father has just died, Flora, his mother, wants to marry George, his ex-girlfriend’s father, Felix can’t decide what to do with his father’s ashes and his stutter has returned. For a theoretical physicist who has mastered the intricacies of quantum mechanics and the ‘string’ theory, such minor problems ought to be easy to handle, but in this Hamletesque comedy, Felix seems unable to cope.

Humble Boy is an achingly funny look at life, love, lost dreams and loneliness. From the dysfunctional and long-suffering neighbour Mercy to Rosie (with whom Felix has had a brief fling), the play is peopled with characters who are at times hideously familiar to an audience. Their relationships and conversations are spiced with wit and vitriol in equal measure and whilst Felix waits for his ‘Eureka moment’, the domestic world disintegrates around him.

In a stunningly created garden-in-the-round, Humble Boy brought July in January to The Mission Theatre. A cast of Next Stage’s strongest actors helped further to dispel the post-Christmas blues and provided the perfect alternative to the traditional pantomime fare of the January theatregoer.


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