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Talking Heads by Alan Bennett

talking heads poster.jpg
a great tribute to a writer who depicts human foibles so engagingly
— Judy Boyd, Bath Chronicle

The first popular Theatre Supper of the year is the Talking Heads monologues featuring A Lady of Letters and Bed Among the Lentils.

Many of the characters in Bennett's writing are unfortunate and downtrodden, or meek and overlooked. Life has brought them to an impasse, or else passed them by altogether. In many cases they have met with disappointment in the realm of sex and intimate relationships, largely through tentativeness and a failure to connect with others.

The Talking Heads monologues depict several stages in a character's decline from an initial state of denial or ignorance of their predicament, through a slow realization of the hopelessness of their situation, and progressing to a bleak or ambiguous conclusion

In A Lady of Letters - Miss Ruddock thinks 'corresponding' is every citizen's right in a free society, but she gets her first taste of real freedom in the most unlikely place.

In Bed Among the Lentils - Susan doesn't feel she has any of the talents needed to be a vicar's wife and finds herself seeking comfort elsewhere.


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