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Table by the Window by Terrence Rattigan

In the dining room of the Beauregard Private Hotel, Bournemouth, visiting guest Anne Shankland is finishing dinner. When hotel proprietress Pat Cooper shows in resident John Malcolm to sit at a separate table, Anne is instantly alert. As the evening and the following day unfold it becomes clear that despite John’s current liaison with Pat, a passionate undercurrent from the past linking him with Anne is still very much alive:

“Our two needs for each other are like two chemicals that are harmless by themselves, but when
brought together in a test tube can make an explosive as deadly as dynamite.”
 (John, Act 2)

Rattigan is a masterly storyteller and never more so than in this acclaimed piece. Next Stage is delighted to be making its first foray into Rattigan’s work with this irresistible Supper Theatre starring leading actors Kay Francksen, Jane Lawson and Tim Evans.


Rehearsal Photographs: