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Shakers (Re-stirred) by John Godber and Jane Thornton

The play showcases the talents of four of the company’s best young actors
— Christopher Hansford, Bath Chronicle
What a delicious cocktail of pink froth - with a kick – that Next Stage has served up
— Jackie Chappell, Bath Chronicle

Kick off your Autumn in style with a visit to ‘Shakers’ - an oh-so-trendy cocktail bar where everyone wants to be seen. The Mission Theatre is transformed and Nicky, Adele, Carol and Mel - your long-suffering waitresses - invite you to pull up a table, order a drink and relax in their company. 

We stand and serve, we grin and smile,
We serve to please, and all the while
We do, we burn up deep inside
With all the pain we’re meant to hide.

The four girls try to forget their aching feet and the long night ahead by dreaming of very different lives whilst mimicking and mocking their endless stream of customers. From girls on a dress-to-impress night out to lads on the make, all are fodder for the sharp observations of the Shakers. 

John Godber’s sensitive and witty dialogue allows the audience intimate glimpses of what lies behind the practiced smiles and pleasantries of the young protagonists. Nicky, Adele, Carol and Mel all cling to their hopes of a better future, despite Nicky’s question: 
“What do you do when a dream comes true? What do you dream of then?”

A sparklingly funny and insightful slice of life, brought to the stage by four of the company’s most talented young actors...definitely one to be shaken not stirred!


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