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Proof by David Auburn

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17th - 21st April at 7.30pm with  a 2pm matinee on Saturday 21st

It was just connecting the dots. Some nights I could connect three or four. Some nights they’d be really far apart, I’d have no idea how to get to the next one, if there was a next one.’ (Catherine Act 2)

Life is a series of connections; connections to places, to people, or even within our minds. Catherine’s biggest connection was to her father a recently deceased, mathematical genius, for whom she was a carer through many years of his mental illness. After her father’s death, Catherine begins to isolate herself from the outside world, and hide away from her grief – despite the advances of her father’s ex-student and the over-bearing care of her sister, Claire. As their constant representations encompass her, and connections with the past and future become distorted and confusing, Catherine is finally forced to confront her deepest fear – has she inherited her father’s genius, or his instability?

Focusing on the relationships that help, and those that hinder, David Auburn’s superbly written, 2001 Pulitzer Prize winning, play tackles challenging and personal issues around love, loss and mental health. A beautiful and emotional drama portraying the desperation felt during grief or depression. 

...a compelling evening of theatre...Proof is a smart and compassionate play of ideas” David Kaufman, New York Daily News

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