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Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

A fast paced and fascinating story
— Emma Battock, Bath Chronicle
An impressive production
— Petra Schofield, Theatre Bath

“The best British play ever by a woman dramatist.” (Guardian, 1982).

Marlene, the new Managing Director of “Top Girls” employment agency, toasts a bizarre collection of friends at her celebratory dinner party:

“We’ve all come a long way. To our courage and the way we changed our lives and our extraordinary achievements.”

In the play’s madcap opening scene, the guests at the party - a series of exceptional women from history and art - describe how they have overcome the power of men in an attempt to achieve their dreams.

However, the year is 1981, and before long the fantastical dinner party is swept away and the story unfolds of Marlene’s own tricky climb to be one of the “Top Girls”.

The rest of the play reveals the straight-talking world of working women in the 1980s and becomes an intriguing and shocking social drama, revealing exactly who and what has been sacrificed for Marlene’s success.

Horrifying, funny and inspiring by turns, this renowned play by one of Britain’s greatest living playwrights has language that will shock and a sting in its tail. Boasting an all female cast, this fast-paced, unflinching production promises an evening of theatre to keep you talking all the way home.


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