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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is the heart-breaking and uplifting tale of a lonely, fragile daughter and her monstrous mother, Mari. LV is lost when her father dies and leaves her only memories and his record collection. In her solitude she impersonates the divas on the vinyl to fill her world with music and song. When Mari starts dating small time agent Ray Say things change in a way none of them could have ever imagined. 

In an attempt to secure his own success, Ray persuades LV to sing in public. Reeling from jealousy caused by Ray’s obsession with her daughter, Mari struggles to remain centre-stage as her relationship with Ray becomes increasingly fraught. Neighbour Sadie and telephone engineer Billy provide the voices of reason in LV’s increasingly stressful world and wait to rescue her from the inevitable fall out. 

Neglected LV needs her father, Mari is desperate to be loved and Ray can only hear his ticket to the big time. Not all dreams can come true.

This stunning play by Jim Cartwright was a huge hit when first produced at The National Theatre. Packed full of show-stopping numbers and heart-felt ballads, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice captivated London audiences. Now, Bath theatre-goers will be wowed by the sheer power and musical range of Claire Ryan playing LV in Next Stage’s compelling production. Admirably supported by Kay Francksen (Mari) and Steve Huggins (Ray Say), the talented Next Stage cast, under the directorship of Petra Schofield, inhabit the stage with characters full of heart, grit and northern edge.

This is a rare opportunity to see The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and the show will no doubt prove to be a very hot ticket. Don’t miss it!


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