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Four Minutes Twelve Seconds by James Fritz

Yes this is an edgy play
Yes it contains strong language
Yes it deals with adult themes
Yes it is uncomfortable and challenging
And YES everyone should see it.

Why? Because this play by James Fritz is a deeply provocative and topical drama.

At 17 years old, and about to sit the exams that will hopefully send him off to a good university, Jack seems to have it made. But all that is set to change when he comes home one day with his shirt covered in blood. We soon find out who is responsible and why they’ve done this – a suggestive video of Jack and his girlfriend Cara has appeared online. Only she’s not his girlfriend any longer and it looks like Jack has been trying to get even with her, so her family are after Jack. Of course, it is nowhere near as simple as Jack’s parents Di and David discover when they battle through general disbelief, parental protectiveness and liberal do-goodism. As one shocking revelation follows another, certainty evaporates and audiences are left reeling.

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