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Intimate Exchanges by Alan Ackybourn

A hilarious series of inter-related plays, Intimate Exchanges is a superb example of Ayckbourn’s brilliant craftsmanship and ability to intrigue and challenge his audience. 

Trapped in a sterile marriage to abrasive, prep-school Headmaster Toby, Celia seeks solace elsewhere, but would a fling with emotionally-stunted Miles, Chair of the Governors, give her the fulfilment she craves? Miles is up for it, or indeed a fling with anyone if it will help him forget the amorous activities indulged in by his go-getter wife Rowena. As lively home-help Sylvie - who’s already in an acrimonious relationship with school handyman, Lionel - enters the equation, a tangled and increasingly hilarious web of deceit and intrigue weaves through Toby and Celia’s quiet back garden, in which their ramshackle shed takes centre stage! 

A tour de force for two actors: Kay Francksen and Andrew Ellison play all the parts in this highly entertaining show, which brings some brand-new storylines from Intimate Exchanges to the Main Auditorium at The Mission Theatre. Performing scenes from Intimate Exchanges in New York in 2008, Kay and Andrew were nominated for Best Play, Best Actress and Best Actor off-off-Broadway, with Andrew winning Best Actor.

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