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The Weir by Conor Mcpherson

The Mission Theatre’s production of Connor McPherson’s The Weir is an absolute must-see for any theatre goer.
— Aaron Lembo, The University Paper: Bath

In a remote Irish pub, four local men gather for an evening of drinking. But tonight there is a newcomer, a young Dublin woman. The men seek to entertain and impress the young woman with ghost stories. But she caps all their tales with one of her own, reminding us that truth can be far more distressing than fiction.

All five of McPherson’s engaging characters are leading ‘ordinary’ lives, but each is coping with a different tragedy which, in the course of an evening of story-telling, comes bubbling to the surface, turbulently, like water going over a weir.

Combining humour and suspense with masterful craftsmanship, The Weir delights and confounds audiences. The play was widely praised on its debut in 1997 and won The Evening Standard, Olivier and Critics Circle awards. Since then it has gone on to achieve success all over the world and was voted one of the 100 most significant plays of the 20th Century in a poll conducted by the Royal National Theatre.

The Weir  features an experienced Next Stage cast and the intimate staging lends itself perfectly to the claustrophobic interior of Brendan’s bar. This promises to be a night in the pub unlike any other!


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